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One of my friends doesn't at a lot. She used to eat normally last year, but this year we all started junior high. No one says that she is fat or makes comments about her. she is normal weight. she will get a salad for lunch and eat i fork full of it and claim that she isn't hungry. my friends and i keep telling her to eat but she won't. every time we bring up to subject all see says is IM NOT ANOREXIC AND IM NOT TRYING TO LOSE WEIGHT. the other day we had to force her to eat a piece of a cookie! She keeps saying that if she eats a cookie she'll gain 5 pounds. and she always says that she is really fat. about half of my friends including me eat a lot but we are all skinny because we have fast matobolismes. one of my friends that she hangs out with is really skinny because she takes a medicine for a focasing disability. her medicine makes her not hungry but when it wears off she eats a lot. im afraid that my friend is trying to loss weight because she wants to be skinny and she keeps comparing herself to all of us. Can somebody please tell me how i can get through to her that she really needs to start eating healthier.
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Name: Christine | Date: Nov 21st, 2005 8:10 PM
Tell her that she is not fat. And tell her that she doesnt need to compare herself to everyone else, I don't know how to help that much I'm kinda goin throught the same problems myself so who am I to give advice, when I dont event like the way I look. Sorry that this doesnt help much. If you have any advice for me, look at need help 13 almost 14. 

Name: lucie | Date: Oct 9th, 2006 12:53 PM
hi maybe if you could research for her the nutritional values of food so she can realistically see that eating a cookie, even 5 would put on a pound.

For example 3,500 Kcals make up a pound of fat- women are allowed 2,000 a day, your mate or anyone would have to eat an extra 3,500 Kcals to put on a 1lb. Thats like 2 Big boxes of chocs.

Try and get her to eat healthy cus i dunno bout anyone else but i dnt feel guilty at all after eating a salad.

Good luck



Name: tonia1990 | Date: Oct 30th, 2006 1:52 PM
IF you need help let me know, but the advice i can give from experience right now, is that she is not going to listen to you unless she wants to, and i was in your friends spot and still am, i didnt want to listen, nor does she, so she wont. What you have to do is talk to her, just saying shes not fat, saying something looks cute on her, and if that doesnt work have someone really special talk to her, and let her know taht she is loved, because im my shoes, that is wat someone like that needs. If you need anygtiun let me know
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hope i helped alittle.

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