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Well..i am 15 my name is maria..i go to HHS in Tn i weigh about 98 pounds && my height is 5'3 i purge after every meal because i have been told i was fat!..Even though i know i am beautiful!..www.xanga.com/x_tastemylips_x i have sum pictures on this website of mine that if enyone would like to look at please do!..I have gotten into a habit of puking after i eat only for the sense of loosing 10 pounds !
I hope therapy will help me get over this?..
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Name: Terra | Date: Mar 31st, 2006 2:17 PM
Hey Mari you are not alone. I have been a bulimic for about 7 years since i was 14 and I am just now searching to get help. At least you realize you have a problem. I would say try to get therap[y. Talk to your family and explain the seriousness of your situation. I still havent found the courage to tell my husband or my parents. Family sould be your number one supporter and if you tell them maybe they will help you overcome this horrible disease. Good luck.

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