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I was anorexic last year. I weighed 125lbs at 5'4" and 15 years old. Now Im almost 16 and I weigh 111-112 lbs. I started eating regularly once again 4 months ago. But, recently (the past week) Ive been binging alot :( and then Ill be bloated the next day. When that happens, I dont eat for a day so that my tummy goes flat again the next day. I get so bloated usually after i even eat a small bowl of cereal or a banana.. that I eat very little in the day, then i eat at night. I like people to see me when my stomach is flat, not when its bloated. But, recently its become so overwhelming. Yesterday I ate alot when I went out, and so today im bloated still. I drank only liquids the entire day but then gave in to some pasta. I got sad because I didnt think the bloating would be gone by tomorrow. I dont gain weight.. I just get so bloated, it drives me crazy. I really dont want to start down that path again. I dotn want to become annorexic again.

Does anyone have any input?
Idk.. i dont know what to do.
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Name: kamala | Date: Oct 24th, 2007 3:17 PM
It helps just to eat little & often. 

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