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Name: crazyscarred16
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I feel like im going crazy. I am 9 weeks pregnant and have been anorexic and bulimic for 12 years. My first two pregnancies were perfect. I was able to control myself, but this time i am way obsessed over throwing up or exercise. I know I have to eat. So i ve created a realm of food i allow myself to eat and if i go out of that realm i purge. I am worried about me, my baby, and my life someone please help. i feel like im going insane.
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Name: bldrnner | Date: Jul 24th, 2010 1:58 AM
i am going thru this for the second time. i am an adult ans still having eating issues. please feel free to contact me at [email protected] my first name is steve. 

Name: stupidgirl | Date: Aug 7th, 2010 8:01 PM
12 years!
thats a long time
im 13 years od and have been bulimic for 3 years
it sucks
i really need help
and many a time i have self harmed because of it
i dont know what to do
i just, i dont know, i just want to be like any other teenager
i hope you get through it crazyscarred16 and steve
and i am always here to talk if you need me just ask for my email address
your probly thinking, oh some 13 year old, how can i talk to her, but theres no age on bulimia and we are all going through the same thing here xxxxx 

Name: Mina | Date: Sep 1st, 2010 4:59 PM
Hello there crazyscared
i just want to help you because i know how you feel i have been anorexic for 5 years and i am 15 years old yet.I lost all those 5 years...when everyone else was happy around me.i didn't eat. i was throwing up and i destroyed my life.my family my mother. even tho i am young yet i knew that what could save me was only if i was pregnant... a baby could save my life. You are blessed because you have a baby.
you should eat for it this time not for you.try to get help from ppl around you they care...but you can't see it. Save your baby save yourself
with love (: 

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