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OK, hi my name is Elizabeth or Ellie or Lizzie. I come from Scotland. I am a bit random and have a tight group of friends. I go to an all girls school, where there isn't much bullying or pressure.

So I'm here because since about July/August I haven't eaten breakfast or lunch and at dinner I've eaten the minimilistic ammount and thrown it back up again. However I have eaten ice, vitamin pills and chewing gum. I was really happy I lost about a stone, but now I'm back at school and everyone is noticing me staying in the form room at lunch and running to the bathroom at odd points. But recently as in since Monday I have been really horrible to my friends, and they are constantly being overly nice to me cause they know i might flip if they mention food or size. I really don't want to lose my friends but I can't help speaking my mind it's like verbal gush.

Also I'm really struggeling with school work. Anyone got any suggestions?
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Name: bri | Date: Oct 22nd, 2006 11:14 AM
well when i'm at school i don't eat lunch at all. I just fall asleep or tell them the line is too long and that i have to study. 

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