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I'm 23 years old 5'5 and 131.6 pounds. I used to weigh a my highest level 174 pounds, but after being called the token fat friend (along with some other comments) I couldn't handle it any more. I just stopped eating. At first it was great I lost some wieght and every on was going ''Wow you look great''. Even guys started to notice me more. Then the weight loss slowed down so I started to thow up what little food I ate. People started to say I looked really tired, I had little to no energy. People are still saying ''Wow have you lost weight?'' but I'm losing and gaining the same five pounds for the last 3 months. I'm trying to cut back on my thowing up and eat a bit more because I started getting dizzy, no strength and forgetting things (to list only a few) but everytime I eat something I just think FATTY! How can you suff your face?
What should I do?
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