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Hello everyone who is reading this. Today I binged and purged. I've been starving myself lately and I kept dreaming of binging and purging. I knew I was gonna do it. I hate that when you know your gonna binge and purge and you can't stop yourself. I use to throw up everyday. I don't use anything to help me throw up I can just do it. I hate to say it but it makes me feel better like im on a drug. I f I stop binging and purging I feel like im going through withdrawl. I get so moody and agravated. I need somthing to distract me. Anyway I just hate failing I thought I could do this alone but I'M TOTALLY WRONG. Well please respond to me. We all need eachother in this.
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Name: lucie | Date: Jan 12th, 2007 10:16 AM
Hi Sasha,

yeah im failiar with feeling angry, irritated and moody but you've just gotta hold on that bit more and those feelings will slowly start to go away.

i haven't made myself sick for weeks now and yes its very very hard but i am not letting an ED ruin my life, im 19, on a friday night i should be out clubbing, not plannig a binging session only to make myself sick afterwards.


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