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I am new to this forum and am so relieved to have found an older crowd dealing with disorders. I am 37 and have 4 beautiful children. Ive been through 2 divorces with the most recent being a year and a half ago. The most recent divorce really was hard and I feel like Ive lost a sense of identity after starting over again after 12 years of marriage. Ive been living with a wonderful 34 year old man and all should be great right? I still feel lost everyday..I mourn my loss of a sense of security. Ive gone from 176 to 137 since March. I eat under 500 calories a day and if I binge I abuse laxatives. I know Im thinner..I was happy when I bought sizes 5 and 6 at the store yesterday but its never enough weight lost!! I tell myself "ok...10 more lbs and Ill be happy"..I feel insane!! Arent I too old for this for gods sake? I wouldnt want my daughters doing this..so why am I ? Please tell me someone out there gets it!
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