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Just for ppl with eating disorders-

Overcoming an eating disorder isn't easy, and if you were able to start one, you are definitely able to finish it. You are struggling even more by not finishing what you started. YOU have to take control of your life, although it may feel uncontrollable at the moment, it is NOT. You are just putting that in your head. And it is a silly thought. Believe me. I starved myself for a couple years straight, and I used to purge, but found it useless, because guess what? It makes no difference whether or not you purge anyway, since it only damages your throat, and it doesn't take ANY pounds off at all. It may make you FEEL emptier, but it does not take the pounds off at all.

I started cutting shortly after, but I quit that soon, because I knew I wanted what was best for me. I struggle a lot with it, but I work hard at overcoming it, and I researched A LOT, and when i was researching disorders during the time when I WAS anorexic, I thought I was bpd and all this stuff, but realized, six months after I quit, that I definitely wasn't BPD. I have other disorders, but they are more mild, and anorexia just makes depression, anxiety, and etc. a lot worse, since your brain isn't getting all the 'brain food' (nutrition-glucose) that it needs.

I really think that if anyone feels like doing anything like starving or etc. I KNOW FROM PERSONAL EXPERIENCE that is THE BEST FEELING IN THE WORLD TO KNOW THAT SOMEONE IS THERE LISTENING AND CARING ABOUT YOU.

So, if anyone ever feels the urges to starve or whatever:

-just breath, or try to relax for a moment, and think about your friends, and family, and how THEY would feel.

-Once you start thinking about the urges again, think 'i am going to do something FOR myself, instead of making myself my own worst enemy.'

-Look in the mirror and even if you think you are the ugliest thing in the world (as did i), think 'Someone in this world would accept me for me, so I should, too. There isn't any point in not accepting that THIS person in THIS mirror is ME, since life is too short to waste crying, and worrying twenty four seven, right?'

-Or, if that is too drastic a step:

-Don't look in the mirror, and just say aloud, (reassurance-it works for many ppl) "I am not as ugly as I say I am, I am not as fat as I say I am, etc."

-Sleep when you feel the urges.

-Write (poetry, an e-mail, in a journal, etc.)

-Call someone and explain how you feel.

-Give and recieve HUGS! (They always make me feel better.)

-Express yourself through art, a musical, or etc.

-Play a sport!

-Hang out with your friends/family

-Go out for a 'good time' one night. ;)

-Take random pics, and just go loose.

-VOLUNTEER!! (It always makes me feel better to help other ppl)

If anyone at all ever wants to talk to me, (I am posting a lot of these, I just try to help other ppl a lot, and my fine acquantances, and friends as well, and others tell me I am good at helping others, or talking through things with other ppl when they need guidance, etc.

So, if any one ever wants to talk at any time:
AOL: [email protected]
MSN: [email protected]
ICQ: 317-416-891




won't judge you, I will just give the best advice I can think of, and be truthful, and try to help out in any way possible.
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Name: Lisa | Date: Mar 25th, 2006 8:56 PM
My eating disorder is that Im a compulsive eater.I eat every half hour or so even when Im not hungry.I cant stop it.My weight has really piled on over the years because of it.I also have problems with depression anxiety and agoraphobia.I weigh more than alot of men Im embarrassed to say but its true. 

Name: karli | Date: Mar 31st, 2006 2:54 AM
see, i dont know if im anorexic. i have starved myself for about 4 days now. and everytime i go and think meh ill just eat something small i stop myself, i have 1 bottle of flavoured water a day(o everything) and 16 oz coffee every morning, buti dont eat or drink anything else, i am even scared water from the tap has calories... but im very active, running,volleyball. and i could barely go to sleep last night. my feet were ice cold, and i had socks on and was curled in a blanket. but i deny anything is wrong with me.. is there? um im 14,5'2,116 pounds.please email me at [email protected] or go to do i? okay thank you so much. 

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