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I dnt want to sound pety bt lyf dz suck. Its lyk when u reach a certain stage u stop function normaly happily and begin obsessing abt cal n w8 n wat ada ppl dnk bwt u. Whch sucks. Once u wori dn it al goz wrng! Wen u knw hw much calz r in sumdng dn u wnt eat it ofcz no matter hw much u used 2 lv it( unles u're a binger)jus to much cal n u dnt want dm in ur body o u'rd alrdy fnding ways 2 "burn it off"(sucks huh?)nd da cycle repeats it self wit no means of stoppin o slowin dwn again nd again, wel thnks 4 hearin me owt. Trust me u dnt wana start dis!
xoxo- gossip gal
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