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Hello all! I need help! My one year old daughter won't eat. She has a milk allergy so I have to watch what she eats. She also has no teeth yet. This poor thing had tubes in on Dec. 2010 and is on allergy meds and previcid for reflux. She refuses to eat anything but the lil crunchies - veg flavored and her bottle. I've tried table food, gerber toddler foods - anything I can think of. She doesn't like anything sweet and prefers meats and veggies but now I can't get her to eat those either! I want to get her off the bottle but thats the only thing providing her nutriction. She has to go for a sleep study in a few weeks because she has never ever slept through the night and only takes 2 -3 45 min naps a day. They are concerned about her sleeping but thought after the ears and reflux was taken care of she would sleep better - but no! I am beggin for advise or help . . I feel like I have tried so many things and nothing is working . . . Please help!
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