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Hello My name is Kriz, am 22 years old, from Hamilton Ont. i know i have eating disorder but never prudge or anything like anyone has it.. I aint "insult or anything" but just want to see if what i can to do cuz i just lost interesting in foods for last few years as i knew it was one of my "side effect" from depression when i was 16.. Im managing to try get back to normal.. its not easy so now i just found out im about month preg with my great man.. at this moment we have money issue but it wont worry us that much in few weeks since it is long story... Which is my boyfriend got his job yesterday as he moved with me from 7 hrs away... tomorrow i will have to interview with new family doctor to see if im approved then will deal with baby issue.. as few my friends suggest me to get folic acid pills asap but my boyfriend suggests me to wait for new family dr and they could help me out cuz not sure if it will harm my baby.. since i was teenager my weight always in average of 100lbs but till few years ago it gone down slowly till last year i noticed i am underweight which still do in between 85 to 98 but now its alittle over 100 cuz of "baby's fat".. tried to seek for some help but not what i look for cuz i just moved here from London Ont. 2 months ago to start fresh and new explorin around here.. so i hope this baby will change my life soon as i get things settle.. for some reasons i just fussy some foods i dislike and hard to find other way to eat for baby's healthy and for me as well.. for example i never like salad it just caused from my chidhood memory and tried few bites from my friends i still feel gaggin.. and easy to get borin with foods.. i only love and never borin with pasta.. i just know better not eat it too often.. have to well-balance.. i just want to share my honesty experience maybe i could get some tips or something from ur experiences it wont be hard feelings if there any blunts or whatever.. i really care and aint want to kill myself for bein strave.. thanks for ur time to read and reply.. hope i get this reply soon :) Take Care.
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Name: atomic snowflake | Date: Oct 13th, 2006 11:30 AM
You MUST start taking Folic Acid immediately - it prevents neural tube defects (spina bifida etc.) and it vitally important. It's perfectly safe to take during pregnancy.

Perhaps you should consider taking a multivitamin specially designed for pregnant women - they'll have them at the drug stores. 

Name: sexybyotch36 | Date: Oct 15th, 2006 1:35 AM
Atimic... thanks for this.. i just seeked my new family doctor and i got prental pill and bladder infection as i was told its normal for preg.. also got a first ultrasound pic at very next day(on oct 13th) i know it sound odd but its special moment for us.. so now im awarin that im 6 weeks preg :) so excitin from now on.. and hope i will increase some weight so i wont be worry abt underweight.. and hope have some taste changes for some foods i dislike it seems i have to wait and find out as long i keep my baby healthy as i can :) 

Name: winnmom | Date: Oct 16th, 2006 5:08 PM
Take cranberry capesules, (or juice)this will illimanate getting bladder-urine infections, and it is safe for Baby. 

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