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Well I am probally like most girls...wanting to be skinny and Im having lots of trouble. I havent been "thin" since i was about 6. Around then my mom had my brother ad I already had another brother..then we moved and I was in all high level classes. Does any of that have to do with my weight gain? Even though it was years ago..I am a perfectionist and always feel I have to be right. I want to lose weight but I just cant seem too even when I dont eat.
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Name: Cyn | Date: Apr 5th, 2006 1:55 AM
You've probably heard this before, but good things come to those who wait. Just try and eat a variety of fresh, healthy foods, drink lots of fluids, like water and low-fat milk and participate in some sort of physical act ivity (like soccer or aerobics) and you'll be fine. It also might help to know that some of those "prettier" girls in your class might end up pregnant, high school drop outs by the time they're 16. And that big crush that you most likely have is gonna be working at Taco Bell in 10 years, have a beer belly, and spend his days avoided Child Support enforcement and raising bail money cause his mom want let him come back home if he gets another DUI 

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