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My name is Wanda--I'm a freelance writer who suffered from eating disorders for ten years. I am frustrated by current therapeutic techniques that tell parents to stay out of their child's treatment and eating disorder treatment in general. If you are a parent who has a child in eating disorder treatment, I ask that you contact me at [email protected]; I won't even ask questions--you can simply e-mail your story if you like. If you have an eating disorder yourself, I'd like to hear how you were treated in treatment; I have a survey for you that only takes about 20 minutes. You are NOT lab subjects--I just want to make a difference and critique the treatments that obviously aren't working...please help if you can. My response rate from treatment centers for this research is only 6% and I have been turned down by the 6% who replied.
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Name: tpeters | Date: Jan 10th, 2007 7:17 PM
Not eating disorder but mood disorder which is what category eating disorders fall into. This clinic will help!
read on:This is a very sensitive subject for me. I am the parent of a daughter 15 years old. She started cutting, talked about and tried suicide and had major depression. On the outside she seemed happy to those around her. She was able to disguise it well. I, through a long process, found help and I want everyone to know.
Jan. 3,4,5/07 we were in California at the Amen clinic http://www.brainplace.com/ or http://amenclinics.com/ Before we left we put her on mood stabilizer Lamictal. It started to do wonders. Glad we did not go on Prosac, the psychiatrists here in CO were guessing, no thanks.
They were actually able to see into her brain at amen Clinic and figure out what was wrong with a new type of procedure called SPECT. They diagnosed her with Mood disorder, PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder), and ADHD. The doctor we saw explained everything. They are very thorough. She is already improving on the Lamictal and they gave her a prescription for some wafers that are fast acting to put under her tongue for anxiety if she needs something right away.
The reason for the CUTTING!!! The Doctor there explained that when a person cuts, it causes the body to release chemicals in the brain that actually cool down the hot spots on the brain that are responsible for racing thoughts, anxiety, etc. It has a physiological reason. They are not crazy! It is a way to self medicate! Get help now.
So get help now. There is good help available. Dr. Clements is the doctor we saw there. He is excellent with teens and it doesn’t hurt as my daughter put it that “he is hot” (good looking for any parent reading this that is not familiar with that term .LOL Tell him I recommended him.
Also, talk to your counselor or principal at school and get her (easier after diagnosis) a 504 plan. It will take so much stress off.
Let me know if I can help further. Prayer works, that is what led me to the path that has been the answer.
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