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I am no kid. 41 uears old & justfound out I am pregnant- Almost 8 weeks. I throw up at least once a day and am terrified I will injure my baby. I am so sick,a person who cant stop throwing up even though I have read such horrible things about babies born to bulimics. I just suck!
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Name: pregnant | Date: Feb 17th, 2006 2:02 PM
I'm pregnant with my second child, but with my first I was suffering from anorexia...I weighed 85 lbs and was not even getting my period but somehow I got pregnant. I hardly ate the first three months (I hate myself for that) and only ate 100-300 calories per day in the 4th and 5th months until my boyfriend found out I was pregnant (when I started showing) and made me start being healthy...anyway I delivered a healthy 6 lb boy after 9 months. I think it's very possible to have a healthy baby even with an ED, as long as you take your prenatal vitamin and try to keep down the bare minimum of calories. Lots of women throw up due to morning sickness during at least part of their pregnancy and it doesn't seem to hurt anything. I think it's after the baby is born that you need to worry about harming him/her...I'm terrified that my son will be fat and it's hard for me to watch him eat, but that's something you just have to deal with I guess. 

Name: jem | Date: Feb 18th, 2006 6:19 PM
funny just stumbled on this site, new to computers if you can believe it. first ever chat on line and there was your question. I`m 34 with a 2and half year old, i have been bulimic since i was 11. Yes i throw up when pregnant not as much. My daughter was born breech bottom first which i found out was is connected maybe although i told my midwife i wasn`t sick. My daughter has had no other problems although i am certainly not saying go ahead and continue as it is something i have felt very guilty about. What i would say though is i cut it right down and said to myself , i`m going to get fat try and go with it and after the baby is born i`m going to look the best i ever had i was always betweem 11 stone and 13.7 when i gave birth i was 14.7 stone that was 1st october by the end of january i was 9 stone. i have never been slim i my aldult life and now i am, i basically stopped eating apart from tuna beetroot and salad with low cal salad cream lots of.......back to normal binging and throwing up but still around nine stone. i used yo yo all the time so maybe your body will change after the birth........your next guilt will be worrying that your child will pick up on what your up to. That my latest , best of luck, please try and enjoy your pregnancy, keep it to a minimum you can and think ,right i will be thin after and look like a yummy mummy. 

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