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I'm 15 and I need a partner who can help me and push me! I'm a little over 200 pounds (disgusting i know) that's why I NEED to do this! I'm moving this summer and I'm tired of being fat! I don't want everyone at my new school to see my as some fat loser! So, this summer I'm gonna do all I can to look my best and FEEL my best! Please help me if you can! My email is: [email protected] :) Thank You In case your wondering I'm African American haha!
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Name: genna | Date: Jun 4th, 2010 10:14 PM
Listen i've been there, and i know what its like to want to lose weight. But trust me, eating disorders are not the way to go. Statistics show that people with eating disorders, who fight their body weight their whole lives, will end up obese. Is that what you want?

Speaking with experience, eating disorders with ruin your life, and could take your life early. There are healthy ways to lose weight if thats what you really want to do! But trust me, remember who you are on the inside and out. You are beautiful and you deserve so much better than to give in to an eating disorder. Live life and be happy. We take for granted our lives, but it'll be gone before you know it. Don't waste ten years of your life on an eating disorder. I did it... and its my biggest regret. Please listen to me. Find a healthy way to lose weight, or live in peace with yourself! 

Name: Jilly | Date: Jun 10th, 2010 6:41 AM
If u nedd to loose weight just exersise and eat healthy but talk to your doctor for help... Eating disorders are no fun trust me I'm 5'8 98 lbs and trying to be healthy agian... If you want medical problems go for it but instead of just being the fat kid at school you won't be at school cuz u will be in the hospital like I was and I still haven't finished... Please talk to someone!!! 

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