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Alright, so, I'm 15. Going to be a freshman next year, which, makes me a year older then everyone in my grade. I, an currently 120 pounds, and I use to be around 130. And lately. I've decided to become a vegetarian. I didn't eat much meat before anyway, so it didn't really matter to me anyway. But lately. I've been questioning if I have an eating disorder. I sometimes eat Ramen noddles, and I can feel the Ramen noodles coming back up my throat, and once actually threw up. And then, I can only eat once, because I am constantly never hungry anymore. My friends and everything are somewhat worried. But everytime I look in the mirror, I still feel extremely fat. Can anyone please help me? My stomach constantly hurts, but when I think of something to eat, I start to feel sick, because it doesn't sound good, and then it makes me not hungry at all. Someone help?
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Name: breathedeepernow | Date: Jun 22nd, 2008 5:03 PM
Oh, I also forgot to mention. I was at my friends house, and me and her went and got pizza, and then two things of Ben and Jerry things. (the things for singles) And, I ate half of mine, and felt totally sick. And then, 10 minutes later, I finished it. And then, that was the only thing I had eaten that WHOLE day, (and I ate it at around 11pm, almost midnight) And I didn't have to eat at all for the rest of the night, or even for lunch. 

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