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hi, my names amy and im suffering really badly just now. i used to completely comfortable with food and god i miss that so much. after a messy split with an ex i became lightly anorexic and my BMI went down to 17. I was happy being underweight, but since then a lot of stuff has happened in my family and i did a u-turn and became bulimic. My mum then found out and made me promise to stop purging. I have done, because i dont want to upset her, but now i cant stop binging. Its like my ody demands it becase its used to it. The only way to stop binging is to do it alongside someone else, distractions dont work for me, but none of my friends understand or are going throught this awell. Anyone out there want to stop bingeing and need a friend to do it along with? I need a lot of advice also i think you guys are great and really kind. thanks x
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Name: Dr P | Date: Jan 14th, 2006 11:18 PM
Hi Amy. Sounds like a tough few months behind you. One of the positive things is that Bulimia is a lot easier to recover from than Anorexia. I am guessing you are in the UK. There are a number of things you can do. You can go to your GP who should be able to put you in touch with an eating disorder service close to you. The most effective treatment for Bulimia is CBT, not having a friend going through it with you. If you feel you can't goto your GP there are a number of self help books out there, one of the best is "Getting better bit(e by bit(e)" by Ulrike Schmidt. It's under 10 and clients I have worked with have found it brilliant. A lot of the work I do is based around similar principles and if you are motivated to change is very very effective.

I think finding another recovering bulimic who is going through CBT would be very rewarding. A lot of ED services now have groups in which you can discuss the pros and cons of treatment in a confidential yet informal way. Visit the EDA www.edauk.com for more help and direction if you are unsure where to go.

I hope it all works out for you. 

Name: LAALALALALALALA | Date: Jan 29th, 2006 9:22 PM
This may sound really stupid but pick a friend you hang out....someone who eats right and doesn't have an eating disorder......and eat when the eat. Try to around someone until you go to bed. this way you are eating and by being with someone you won't be throwing up all the time. 

Name: ak | Date: Jan 31st, 2006 3:34 AM
Hi, my name is Amy also. I've been struggling with bulimia since 1998. I'm on a much heatlhier track now than I was 5 years ago. At the worst of it I became severely depressed and reclusive from my usual social outings. I was lucky, my mother paid for me to get counseling. I found a counselor I respected and trusted. I can say that she is the person that helped me the most to recover. She told me to start each day fresh. Don't beat yourself up if you lapse once just look forward and keep trying. Keep trying. I've now got a healthy eating plan and exercise religiously 4-5 days a week for at least 40 minutes. I feel great most days but still lapse when I get stressed or depressed. I'm working on stopping this thing. If you ever want to talk or need someone in a dark moment please email me. It helps me to talk about it also (as my friends, family are unaware that I still deal with it). [email protected] 

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