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Hey i'm 14 and i've been suffering with anorexia/bulimia for getting on 2 years now. I've been in recovery twice, and the second time round i've put on a whole stone! which now makes me 7stone. I feel so fat and lost. I've thought of suicide so many times as i think its the only REAL option i have left. I miss my bones, now all i see and feel is fat and flab. I have attempted suicide 2 times before. I just don't know what to do. I've lost near enough all my friends,and i can see i'm hurting my family.
But i'm stuck between my eating disorder and life!
I need someone to talk to asap. someone who understands me! Please leave your replies, preferably with your email address, or just some words of encouragement, Thanks! xxxxx
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Name: CathineVictoria | Date: May 8th, 2011 12:23 PM
I think we already talk on msn! Katie?
Well, where do i start you are the strongest person i know and we will beat this together! And i am very proud of all our little baby steps especialy yours!:) xxx 

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