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I am so concerned about my 16 year old daughter. She has anorexia and as a result after a visit to the cardiologist a week and 1/2 ago her heart beat was down to 38 bpm. They informed me I needed to get her into a treatment center immediately which I did. She is not in a parital hospitalization program that she started last Wednesday. She did not want to go. She knows she has a problem and says she wants to get better but she is fighting and resisting everyone that is trying to help her. Her dietician in the treatment center has to keep increasing her food plan where she is consuming at leats 1000 calories a day and she is so fearful of gaining weight she is being very manipulative about what she says she eating and how much to both me and the nutritional thereapist. She says she is sick of everyone telling her what to do and being a freakin puppet. I keep trying to explain to her that all of these people are only trying to help her to get better and that unless she is willing to comply it won't. Her health is at great risk she is on complete restriction of all activities due to the threat of cardiac arrest as a result of her heart beat so low. Are there any moms out there that have been through this that can talk to me about the process we are going through right now?
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Name: Ashlea 88 | Date: May 22nd, 2007 12:55 AM
hey i am ashlea not a mother but you need to force her into treatment she is still at the age where you can i know she will be mad at you but when it is all over she will thank you put her in a hospital full time.... it will only get worse, i was 5 2 weighing 79 lbs and they put me on a 3500 calories a day i just recently got to 100 lbs thanks to the help of many... it is a hard road but you both will make it... trust me when i slip my mom helps me and i am mad at her but i thank her for it after,,

Name: milkoginger94 | Date: May 23rd, 2007 8:55 AM
hiya, i am not a mother either, but i do understand your pain, i am anorexic, depressed, suicidal, obessional, and generally buggered up. And my mum often finds it extremly hard to cope with me, she told me once that I MAKE HER WANT TO KILL HERSELF. she is my number one person in the world and that crushed me, she has always been here for me but i know that its hard to find the strength sometimes, also if your child does not wanna get better, which at the moment i dont want to, but i do know that it can be done, and if u need to talk about anything i am here if you want.
milkoginger94, 15 years. xxx 

Name: bigloser | Date: Dec 13th, 2007 11:08 PM

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