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I'm 5ft 3 and i weigh 130lbs. FAT... and i want to become anorexic. I don't know how though...i really need some help to lose weight. Please can someone help me become anorexic.
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Name: An | Date: Apr 16th, 2006 4:01 PM
I just found a friend thats trying to become anorexic with me. So if you have MSN messenger then e-mail me and we could seriously help eachother out! [email protected] I'm online (a lot) and I check my e-mail everyday. So don't be afraid to e-mail me. And know that I'm not the kind of person thats going to try and talk you out of this. I'm here to help you become anorexic, cuz its the same goal I have as well. I'm about 5"5' 15 years old. and weighing in at 140.... FAT! I know its really embarassing. So e-mail me PLEASE! good luck! 

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