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Name: sidra
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heyy... m new to this forum....
i lost 60 kgs in 8 monthx... n now i am gaining weight...m a bulimic for abt 3 n a half monthx...
dnt want it any more... all the time i am eating eating and just eating... i jus want to get rid of it.. my family knows it.. even then they offer me food.. and they cant stop me... bt its not their fault they dont know the whole of it..
i feel so uncomfrtable, sick and guilty after stuffing myself.. after throwing it up itx lyk m in heaven.. i even leave ma studies cox of this thing,,
m tyrd now... everyday i plan i wont do it... but itx endx up in....... itx not lyk i throw up evry time i eat but i eat alot of laxatvx aftr having a heavy meal...
i lyk food i wana eat..all of my frends eat and they r slim.. y me?? y i cant i eat normal?? y cant i live widout food like i lived in dose 8 monthx!!!! lyf suXXX!!!!:( i dont knw wht to do... i dnt knw when it ll get end!!:( i dont wana get fat again!!!:(
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Name: elizabeth121 | Date: Jun 12th, 2010 5:33 AM
being a healthy weight isnt a curse, food is for nourishing your body, stop throwing up, go get help, Your pastor, God, therapist, go to a hospital, dietician your doctor, You are damaging your organs 

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