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i have been bulimic for 7 years... i had a baby in the middle of that...stopped during my pregnancy unless i felt WAY TOO full...however i never forced vomiting while pregnant. i want to stop... when i eat i eat helathy...just too much...then it hurts ..i alos use and ABUSE laxatives... what the hell?...i can quit the laxatives... just this overeating to uncomfort..the mental disorder of body image is something to thikn about but..everytime i binge..i purge..then i get hypoglycemic reaction and hae to eat then i feel like why would i throw up just to eat again..then the depression that follows..oh my god what a vicious cycle i am in and i feel like i jsut cant breathe.. its all hazy
what do i do?
i want to stop...
how do i stop
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