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I have been bulimic for about seven years now. I am trying to stop again but it is so addictive. After any food goes into my body the only thing i can think about is when and how I can throw it up. I hate it but at the same time it makes me feel good. I am feeling completley trapt and out of control and do not have nay one to talk to with out feeling completley embarrassed weird about it. Although i wish i just could come out about it. Also...sometimes i when i throw up certain foods(hard ones) I will throw up blood :( becasue i am scratching my throat and esophogaus ( i know its sooo gross and bad) does anyone else have this problems someimes? I just get worried that sometime it will be internal bleeding and will become more seriuous. How do you know?
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Name: lucie | Date: Jan 18th, 2007 9:31 AM

if you read my story Bulimia in explicit detail, i think its at the bottom of this page or the next one, that might be of some help for you.

i haven't made myself sick for weeks honestly something just clicked and i was ready to 'stop'!

i know how desperate you feel i can still remember being at work and think of when and where i would make myself sick and would use all sorts of things to make myself heave.

at the end of the day it is a behaviour which is learned thus meaning it can be unlearned. just keep your pecker up and stay positive .


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