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IHey Im jake i used to have anorexica i was 7st .... I over come that but over the past few months ive had big promblems with my weight im now 9st i feel like a fat oaf im more on the bulimic side of things now but the promblem is when i go to get sick... it comes up but only once i try an try but it i never seem to get it all up an im worried about turning anorexic again ive only ever wanted to look an feel thin ive come out of a relationship latly an things keep geting worse... can any one help me ? !
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Name: vaioo | Date: Jan 15th, 2008 7:18 PM
Hey i no what you me when i had anorexica it worked being sick i mean but now i still feel bad because i can bearly get it up i had anorexica since 14 im now 18 stoped it at 17 took me a long while an now i think i may be both anorexic & bulimic i cant over come this right now it isnt the fact of finding sumone its the fact of lossing sumone when you have them ! 

Name: rayna | Date: Jan 16th, 2008 2:19 AM
I lost someone that I never knew..my mom. I grew up with a horrible step mom and my dad was never around...this is one reason why I started throwing up..I feel the pain of not having a mom every day..It sucks. I think you have a good future ahead of you to overcome your loss..I'm sure you have friends that can give you support..if not, well, you have me! I wish i could give you a hug and tell you to take it one step at a time...The eatting part is a motherf'er.I know, I go through so much tug'a war every day with myself and eatting. Yesterday was a bad day for me, today was great!! Hopefully you'll stop and think before going in the kitchen and getting food, just try to stay away from that area of the house, drink loooots of water, also, I drink a slimfast for b-fast, it helps...Hope you feel better about yourself!! If you wanna talk, you can always come here, I'm enjoying this site...Good luck with the eatting..Oh, and when you know you're gonna eat and throw up what you eat, drink water while you're eatting, so the food don't get stuck, that happens to me- feels like I'm gonna choke..Try to stay away from burgers, bread, and rice...those are hard to purge. Laters. 

Name: vaioo | Date: Jan 16th, 2008 3:30 PM
Thanks for your help things are bad today :( i havnt eat but my familys upseting and anoying me i have a choice to move away with friends (means ill never come back) or stay and put up with it and i dont no what to do i can see a binge cuming on today . so hows was yours ? 

Name: vaioo | Date: Jan 16th, 2008 3:31 PM
Im realy sorry to hear that 2 :( x 

Name: rayna | Date: Jan 17th, 2008 4:01 AM
Dear Friend, I hope you had a good day today. I know I did. I try really hard for long periods of time and then BAM! one day is just a total waste. But i don't give up. you shouldn't either! 

Name: vaioo | Date: Jan 22nd, 2008 4:54 PM
Hey thanks for the support ive moved out ! it will be aweek tmoz things are alot better apart from my friends are chefs an they keep cooking ! im a lil depressed i lefted all my family behind my mom cursed me out of the house i got a job and starting college this week so how have you been ? 

Name: rayna | Date: Jan 22nd, 2008 7:29 PM
WOW! Congrats on the big change!!! I' am soo happy for you!! You are on your way to starting your life out as a strong, independant person..This is soo cool!! You have many roads coming up to choose from..I think you made the right decision to get away from your family.You can always call or go see them when you feel the time is right.How does it feel to be much happier?? Not annoyed all the time and always unhappy? I know you are a little sad right now, but when you get things moving with school and work,you'll feel a whole lot better about yourself. I have had a few bad days and a few good ones...Yest. was a bad day..I think I see a pattern to my binging and purging. I just need to learn to fix myself! It's so hard to quit this disease!! Well, I hope all goes well with you and keep being strong!! Laters 

Name: vaioo | Date: Jan 23rd, 2008 5:11 PM
I know what you mean but latly im having real promblems purging an its pissed me right off got any tips on the easyest things to get up im a lil depressed today mainly because ive got nothing to do an food just keeps looking at me ! how have you been keeping ? 

Name: rayna | Date: Jan 23rd, 2008 8:09 PM
Dear Jake,
I am sorry to hear you're having a bad day...The thing that keeps me from overeatting or pretty much eatting period is coffee. I drink coffee during the day to stay away from food..It' has really been helping me loose weight...Did you know it is a laxative?? Anywho, My advice to you is to get out!!! Go and DO SOMETHING!!!!! I dont care where you go or what you do, just as long as you get outta the house and take a walk, it will make you FEEL BETTER!!! If this aint possible, well then the stuff thats easy for me to get up are soups soups and more soups. I have been throwing up a long time and lots of stuff are hard for me to get up---Chinese food is hard, pastas are way hard, beans and rice are hard, any sweet stuff just goes right to the bottom of the stomach...Salad is one of the easy things to get up. eggs arent too hard, potatoes arent that hard either...I feel for you!! I don't want you to vomit, it's hard on your body, especially your throat!! Did you know your throat can rupture and you can die from that?? I am sooo scared to die from that and leave my two girls behind!! I hate food soo much, plus I feel really bad after I eat and throw up!!I feel like I just wasted soo much that could have gone to my husband or my daughter..Anyways, hope you find the courage and strength to NOT VOMIT I hope your day gets better!! Take care. 

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