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hiya guys i've come on this sight for a bit of hope really, ive suffered with bulimia for about 11 years now and havent had periods for a long time, i drink to much aswell but then i've heard that both eating disorders and alcohol tend to go hand in hand, i'm 5ft 4 and have always weighed jst under 7st, about four years ago i put some weight on not by trying and had a VERY light period infact it only lasted about two days, found out not long after that i was pregnant, unfortuntly at the time i was not strong enough to cope so much to my regret i had an abortion, about four months ago now i decided i was gonna beat this cause i want children more than i could express, so much that it hurts actually, i;ve bin eating well and cutting back on drink and have maintained around 8st 2-5pounds, im jst getting so fed up now cause apart from feeling overly large nothing else has changed,has anyone else suffered and lost their periods for a long while and regained them? if so howlong did it take, and is it possible to have children if i maintain a healthy weight, also has anyone ever tried chasterberry (a herbal remedy to kick start your periods) if so did work? sorry to babble on guys but i so need some advtce from someone who might have suffered the same as me, if you have im sorry youv'e been through it to, what a head fuck eating disorders r x
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Name: rayna | Date: Jan 17th, 2008 6:39 PM
Dear vjw, hey there, it's sorta a coincidence you've had an eatting disorder about as long as i have..It's an awful thing to go through..I suggest you read what I wrote in Eleven Years and counting..Anywho, the period thing goes like this...you musta been pretty darn caught up to not be getting it..I also didn't have a rag but that was for a few years in the beginning- I was also doing lots of coke and pretty much not eatting at all...I think you should get your rag soon..as for the getting pregnant, well, if you've been with the same guy for a while and nothing's happening, maybe it's him! You can have his sperm checked..Smoking weed will definately affect the man's sperm count..I never heard of chasterberry...But I do have two healthy girls, one is two and the other is gonna be eight months...I still binge and purge sometimes, it's really hard to quit- worse than any drug..I mean we all gotta eat, right?!?I think when my periods came back was a few months after I started eatting healthier and not vomiting as much..I am 26 and 5'6..I weigh 193..I was way bigger after I had my last baby..I used to be way smaller, before I first got pregnant, like 130 or so..A little advice about getting pregnant...Make sure its really what you want, your body get's really out of control, not your own. I wasn't aware of that..I knew I was gonna get fat, but didn't realize how hard it would be to loose the weight after the baby was born!!! That's the hardest part ever!! Also, another good thing to do is to start taking prenatal vitamins before you even get pregnant. I heard this is good for both you and the baby-to-be..I would talk to the GYN. Dr. as well. Expain yourself and ask questions...Good luck and hope all goes well!! 

Name: rayna | Date: Jan 17th, 2008 11:37 PM
Dear Friend, I left you a message in the Eleven years and counting area...hope your day turned out aright!!laters! 

Name: Janine N. | Date: Jan 24th, 2008 4:58 AM
Dear VJW --

I understand what you are talking about. I suffered a horrendous eating disorder throughout my teenage years and I was in such pain. The obsession with food and how I was going to get ride of it and the weight was bloody awful! I wan an exercise bulimic and binged and purged. I did not have a period for years... decades. I have hope for you.

First, I would strongly recommend checking out some 12 step meetings... either Overeaters Anonymous and or Alcoholics Anonymous. Both those programs have saved my life and given me a life that I dreamt of. It takes some work, but my God is it worth it!!

I have been abstinent from binging and purging for 19 years and sober for 19 years. I am now 39. I am thin and healthy and eat like a normal person... what an f...ing concept huh. It is awsome. I am so grateful to have the eating disorder obsession removed.

I now have a 2 year old and 6 year old daughter who are a slice of heaven.

In my experience, I needed to get healthy in mind, body and spirit before I embarked on having children. They are a joy, but a tremendous responsibility and work. I also have learned that my emotional and mental health will greatly impact them -- in a positive or negative way.

Work on your self. Know you can and will have kids when the time is right. Take care of you first, then you will have more to offer your precious babies when they come.

Let me know if you have any questions. I am happy to help. I have a lot of experience with eating disorders and the drink. Take good care! Well wishes to you.


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