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Name: Bianca
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hi! i really want to help my friend i am 19 and not sure where to get help from she has got bulimia and has had it for a long trime ive recently fond out and want to help her before the damage kicks in.
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Name: Bianca | Date: Feb 5th, 2006 11:51 AM
would just like to say thanks to every one ive asked for advice on how to help my friend and no one has replyed thought i could gey help from yous but like everywhere else i try no one wants to help me 

Name: yup | Date: Feb 6th, 2006 12:57 AM
theres nothing you can do due to the addiction of this disease... its like trying to get a crack head off crack it doesnt work that wya
they must want to quit or else it doesnt help
you have to bring it the attention in a very light way
let them know that you are there for them
let her know that know matter what she does you still love her and hten follow through with that
bringing up the topic:...hhmmmm
that is a tuff one becuase most of us are just drowning in this terrible addiction and disease has soooo much control over us, its like a cry for help but at the same tiome it is so embaressing
if she like s healthy food promote her to eat healthy food along with you
and the amount is vital
once i feel FULLLLL!!!! i have to vomit or else i cant breathe very well
then kicks in all the rest
all i think about it the release of this suffocating food
you should email me
[email protected] 

Name: gabby | Date: Feb 12th, 2006 2:42 AM
talk to her mum and maybe a doctor. let her no u want to help her. 

Name: Miryam | Date: Feb 20th, 2006 10:55 AM
Hey. I think that you should comfront your friend in private. Be very gentle with her, most people with an eating disorder are very offensive and they will get mad. But constantly remind your friend that you are doing this because you care about. Another thing to remember is that if your friend is screaming at you or geting really mad, don't fight back with hurtful words. I'm just telling you the best advice I can. Hope I helped.. 

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