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hey im katelyn im 17 i lost my best friend bc her sister was anorexic and she said she doesnt want to go through with tht again and i understand but i cant stop so maybe an anorexic friend would be better my email is [email protected]
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Name: cR_angel10 | Date: Jul 2nd, 2010 5:44 PM
I have gone through this and I can tell you right away that an anorexic friend with another anorexic friend will only make both person's behaviors a million times worse. So ask yourself if you want to be the way you are but even more consumed by it, or if you want a chance at being normal again. Anorexia is a path to being isolated from friends. If you think you will find a friend in another anorexic girl, you won't--you will only find competition and/or harm. Believe me, I am not just making this up. Find as normal friends as possible, that will be the best thing. If you really care about them, then you will not want to alienate them to hold onto your disorder. Eventually you will discover whether your behaviors or friends are more important to you. 

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