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Is 128 pounds over weight for a small girl im only 5ft1? i have a real issue with my weight i have recently fasted for 3 days but then i got pushed into eating if not from my family from my friends with going out to eat i dont want to isolate myself from them but if i dont eat they will know something is up.so the weight i did loose is bk on and i feel really fat . im only happy and confident when im feeling thin and know i havent eaten much i just want to loose the 28 pounds and i will be so much happier so i think i will start fasting again to hit my goal of 100 ponds if that makes me anorexia fine at least i will be happier and thinner!!
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Name: hi | Date: Mar 27th, 2006 2:34 AM
i feel the same way. im 5ft1 also and im like 125, its disgusting. and ya thats exactly the same with me, my friends if they dont see me eat lunch with them, they start asking questions. i dont care, i just have the neeeeed to be skinny, and im going to be depressed untill i get there. i work out like crazy, thats not helping much so w.e, but im so tempted to eat. gosh, why does it have to be so hard? 

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