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how long does it take to skinny wen u dont eat beacause i am anorexic but im not skinny
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Name: been there | Date: Mar 26th, 2006 6:10 AM
im not sure but that is a good question, i wasnt eating for a few weeks, i weighed about 160 last year and i was only 14 and 5'8'' but now i weigh about 140, and during those weeks i only weighed about 130, i feel really bad now and it is hard to let people see me and it is really hard to let guys give me hugs or touch me because i feel fat, i am 15 now, but this was recently, i really want to be able to have the discipline to stop eating, but i dont know how to exactly, if anyone has tips on stopping eating or little things that help to loose alot of weight fast thats cool, but if i new how much time it would take it would help me plan it out better, thanks 

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