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hello.. i feel bad with the way i look... it doesn't realy matter how i look.. anyway i feel bad... i have always felt bad, ashamed.. althoe people tell me i have nothing to be ashamed of.. 5 minutes ago i threw up, and what concerns me is that i feel good about it... i am ashamed of what i'm writing now, because i know, that some people have serious problems, and mine might seem vague.. but i felt relieved.. i'm afraid of what i feel now.. at this moment.. i'm wondering when is the moment you should start being concerned about yourself this is mabey the third time it happed.. but i'm aware, that everyone who has a problem of this kind had a "third time".. please... tell me.. when can be the problem recognised? does the fact, that i'm able to write this note mean that my problem is not serious? when is the moment that strange episodes of throwing up become a part of your life.. is there a way of preventing it?.. i am just very concerned about myself :(
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Name: clover | Date: Mar 9th, 2006 2:07 AM
ok, dee dee theres many questions you have to ask yourself but the fact that you felt good, and are writing about it indicates something is already wrong and its under your power now to stop it.
You say you dont like yourself, take a look in the mirror what is it that is really bothering you? if its your image jazz it up a little, make yourslef feel special because this is all about self worth. i use to throw up and yeh i get down about myself- when i know theres some far worse off people than me!!- but it was only a few times. DONT make it a regular occurance, it wont stop stop u thinking about it no way but dont act it out. think about mild excerise and a healthy intake of diet. ask yourself really WHY your doing it- is it worth it?? i cant help you or reply/chat further unless i know your age and a bit more on how u r feeling. in the meantime takecare and dont do it-- wear some fit clothes to cheer you up!! xxxxxx Chlo 

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