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Name: stupidgirl
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im 13 years od and have been bulimic for 3 years
it sucks
i really need help
friends say iv changed
im always depressed
and many a time i have self harmed because of it
i dont know what to do
i just, i dont know, i just want to be like any other teenager
any tips or anything would be really appreciated
i neeed to get better
i just dont know how.
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Name: xjackx | Date: Aug 29th, 2010 11:57 PM
i would advice Telling ur mom and dad maybe seeing a Doctor for cheack up and he can help u with ur Beumia Remeber that at 13 ur motablism is high So u wont gain anyweight rember to alwaysbe atvice like a teen should and ull be fine(imma Doctor) 

Name: Mina | Date: Sep 1st, 2010 5:04 PM
hi i know how it sucks, i am 15 and i have been anorexic for 5 years. i was never bullimic but i used and use to vomit what i do eat.Of course you have changed, i have too.PPl seamed to don't know me.You asked how you will be better. well its not easy. First ask yourself : DO I WANT TO GET BETTER? or DO I KNOW THAT I AM SICK? if the answer is yes then tell someone whats your problem and go to a phychologist he wil help you like someone did for me. If you know that you are sick and you don't like it you have won bulimias first test.Believe that you are stronger and eat normal.but please talk to someone (: 

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