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i've tried working out. its so hard but i still do it anyways. i want to be SUPER skinny, so how can i be? i dont see a difference in me working out. so id like to become anorexic. please give me tips on how i can. like how much i can eat. if its only a bannana. and when will i start seeing a difference. abecause i tried not eating once. although it only lasted 3 days. still i just want this sooo bad. please give me some tipes. im 14 years old, 5'1,118 pounds i want my legs and my arms and MY BODY to be skinny, i mean everyone says i look fine. but i dont feel fine. please tipppppps. if you want to messgae me back or email me at [email protected] pleaseee
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Name: maria | Date: Mar 12th, 2006 3:46 AM
It is not a fun thing to have an eating disorder. Whatever you do, try another way to lose weight. anything but anorexia or bulimia. i struggle witth it and it is the hardest thing to overcome in my life. [email protected] 

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