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i hate myself soooo fucking bad! alrite what i do is iv been anorexic 4 so long and i havnt lost one pound and it depresses me that iam not getting smaller so ill eat hecka then go puke it out but now its really hard 4 me to puke it dosnt come up very easy anymore do you no why???
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Name: H.Tran | Date: Mar 18th, 2006 1:45 PM
Hi Lewis, I can probably relate to your situation. I'm not anorexic but rather bulimic. I sometimes feel that I haven't lost a single pound but in fact have gain 2-5lbs here and there..and losing it...But the feeling of not getting anywhere with what you're doing is probably not only disappointing you but making you want to keep continuing to do what you're doing. I've read that the reason why some ppl aren't losing it is due to their decreased metabolism levels. When you used to eat, your body was used to metabolizing food at a certain speed. Because you're not taking in the same amount of food, your metabolism slows down or just doesn't do anything...and i know it sounds weird..but your weight either stays the same..or just losing it at a slower pace.
I know how you feel. There's been times when I'd lock myself at home and didn't want to go anywhere because I felt so friggin' fat and nothing would fit right. 

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