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Just wondering if anyone out there may have some helpful hints (therapy techniques that can be done at home) for a child that displays dyspaghia. This child can swallow liquids however, refuses to swallow food of any kind, including baby food. I'm very concerned about this child, especially since the parents do not have decent medical benefits and can not afford to take the child back and forth to specialists. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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Name: Vanny | Date: Nov 17th, 2007 4:38 PM
wait so have you actually taken the child to the doctor? it could be dysphagia (does the child say it hurts to swallow?), but keep in mind theres also the possibility of an eating phobia. i had one when i was about 5 or 6---it would go away for a while, and then hit me again as late as 12yrs old. i was unable to swallow for irrational fear of choking, and remember going without food for days. the only thing i did manage was liquids and even that was with difficulty, i often felt panicked when faced especially with meat, and would often chew and spit it out, and that lasted until i was 14. i'm not saying he/she has an eating phobia, for i don't know the exact symptoms the child's displaying

as far as therapy techniques, i think thats a difficult situation; the only thing i can think of, is the parents perhaps researching as much as they can about phobias( if it is an eating phobia) and do their best to try to talk their child out of irrational ideas, but if its dysphagia, thats an actual medical problem, so i'm not sure about that..

hope all goes well 

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