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hello...my name is amy and im a 24 year old mother of 2. Recently, I decided to go on a little "diet" to lose some of the weight I put on during my pregnancy's. It started off just cutting back calories, but now, it is this horrible obsession to lose weight. It consumes my day, and its all I think about. I don't want to become ana, but Im scared that it is starting to lead to that. I am constintly counting calories, and scared to eat because I don't want to gain weight. I step on the scale around 45 times a day...i don't know how to stop this before it gets worse. I know its wrong, but then why does my mind tell me different?
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Name: kay. | Date: Jul 30th, 2008 2:27 AM
is it something that's being pushed on you by someone else? your partner possibly? parents or friends who are making comments about your weight?
you're obviously not going to be the exact size you want to be after giving birth, but it's better to be healthy.
try drinking a protien shake in the morning, maybe buy some sort of workout insturment like a tredmile (sp?) that you can walk on while watching tv.
it's much easier then getting wound up with your weight, in the end it wont make you feel any better about yourself because you're never happy with your goal.
atleast if your healthy about it, you can find a place where you feel comfortable on the inside and outiside.
try not to get caught up with it, please. 

Name: bldrnner | Date: Jul 24th, 2010 2:13 AM
i am a little older than you and my eating disorder started exactly the same way, so i lnow what you are going thru. whats even worse is im in the medical field but still having trouble. please feel free to contact me at [email protected], my name is steve 

Name: 3173 aquarius | Date: Jul 31st, 2010 5:56 PM
It feels like your drowning in insanity doesnt it? I want to sit down and eat lunch with my kids but I cant. Its pretty bad when your significant other is gone for a week and all you can focus on is how much u can lose before he gets back...something is sooo wrong with that! 

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