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Being a step-mom is so hard but being a step-mom of teens is even harder. My step kids live with my husband and I full time. My kids live with their father full time, because their father is dieing with a brain tumor. Their father is not as big on the kids staying innocent as my husband and I are. My ex does not teach them against sex, drugs, smoking, but I donít want to make them move in with me because they want to spend as much time with their dieing father as they can and I donít blame them. So what is more important, my kids spending limited yet valuable time with their father, or them growing up with good values, and ample teachings against all the things that most of us feel so strongly about.
Also, my step kidís father has taught them some awesome values. His daughter as on A honor role and is a very good kid, his son is too. Neither of my step-kids would even think about sex, drugs, or smoking yet, and I donít want them to yet, that will eventually come soon enough, so knowing that my kids are being taught the exact opposite than my step-kids I am scared that my kids will start becoming bad influences for my step-kids. As a step-mom, and my loyalty to my husband and his teachings I feel it is my duty to protect his kids from my kids, but I donít know how with out making my kids feel like I love my step-kids more because I donít I love them in a different way and it is not more or less but different. Please help!!!
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Name: mary | Date: Apr 28th, 2012 9:35 AM
stepmother spanking 

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