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I'm interested in homeschooling my kids (twins aged 6 years) but I'm not sure where to get my curriculum from. Is there a particular curriculum home schooling parents are suppose to use? If so, where do I get it from? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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Name: rita | Date: Jun 20th, 2005 8:36 PM
I'm pretty sure that you have to follow a certain curriculum that is set by the government. You have to teach your kids the same things that they would be learning in school. Try to contact your local school board for more information. 

Name: Kylesmommy | Date: Jun 24th, 2005 10:47 PM
There is no set curriculum that you must use in homeschooling. There may be some state requirments that you have to meet. But, it depends on where you live. Check out the HSLDA website and see what the requirments are for your state. Homeschooling is about freedom not doing at home what the public schools are doing. I am not puting down public school but, at home you can give your kids much more. Some people I know don't use a set curriculum at all some do some use different curriculum for each subject. 

Name: Kerry | Date: Aug 7th, 2005 9:15 PM
I was homeschooled all my life and you do have to follow the state's guidelines and keep a record of work and grades for each child but what cirriculum you use is up to you. There are many Christian based cirriculums that are available. My parents mostly used A Beka Book. There is also a Christian school in Tennessee called Gateway Christian School that you can order cirriculum from and you even send it back to the school to be graded and they keep all the records for you. They keep every record from Kindergarten through Graduation and have them available for whenever your child needs them for college.
I also heard...don't know how true it is......that you can go to your local school district and tell them you would like to homeschool your kids and that they have to give you the year's worth of cirriculum because you pay school taxes. Like I said....don't know how true that is but it's worth a shot. 

Name: kris | Date: Aug 16th, 2005 2:21 PM
How do I find out what the NV school board curriculum requirments are for first and second graders? 

Name: Patti | Date: Dec 13th, 2005 3:09 AM
In your search bar, type in homeschool laws-(your state ) you'll be able to find the laws regarding what your state requires quite easily. As for curriculum, I love the site www.pennywiselearning.com as it gives several different types and publishers of curriculum. I don't go strictly by what is given there. I also found education CD's, thru other sites, since my son LOVES to play on the computer. He learns better in some subjects by books, others by CD, and still others by plain old board games ( Monopoly, Scrabble, to name a couple )
Good luck and have fun! We are!! ( and this is only the first year! ) 

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