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You may be thinking, "What the heck is God bling?" Well, I will tell you. This happened this weekend at church ladies. The pastor called out that God had just told him that He had dental miracles for people, and if they needed a dental miracle to get up to the front and get prayed for. There was a gentleman there that had a broken tooth on the left side of his mouth, and decided to go see what would happen when he got prayed for. Well, it wasn't instant, but he woke up the next day, and the tooth was COMPLETELY in tact, and in BETTER CONDITION THAN WHAT IT WAS BEFORE IT EVER BROKE, and HE HAD 2 GOLD TEETH ON THE TOP LEFT SIDE THAT HAD NEVER BEEN THERE!! He swears he's never had any caps or crowns on either of those 2 teeth, but that he got some "God Bling!" To those of you who think I'm a quack, I seen the teeth myself, and they are SOLID GOLD. No joke.
Another man at church was about to get braces put on his bottom teeth, and when he was getting prayed for, he felt his jaw pop, and didn't think anything of it, but when he got home that night and was brushing his teeth, he noticed his bottom teeth were SUPER MODEL STRAIGHT! No braces needed now!
This isn't a dental miracle, but an awesome healing story. A 16 year old boy with Cerebral Palsy in a wheelchair and a walker his whole life, LEFT CHURCH THIS WEEKEND WITHOUT EITHER!!
WOO, HOO!! Man, I'm piped up!!
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