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Hi i'm Anna, I am 19 years old & i homeschooled untill i was 15 years old. I LOVED homeschooling & my parents always gave me the option to go to a regular school. I had 10 brothers & sisters so homeschooling was very good for our lifestyle, My mother was a school teacher but she stopped teaching to stay home with her children...She decided since we were a VERY christian family she thought homeschooling would work for us, & it did. We all loved homeschooling & she always said now tell me if you dont like it because ill put you in a school if you want. By the time i was 13 my twin sister & i had the brains of a 30 year old & could easily go to college...But we decided we would be normal & go when we were 17.. (instead of 18..) I am now studying to be a seizure doctor with my twin sister. & my older sister is studying to be a teacher & my older brother is now a maternity doctor! My whole point is dont judge homeschooling because homeschooling works for different families & different lifestyles for my family it worked really well! My youngest sister is 6 & she is being homechooled & loves it, my other sister is 7 & actually goes to a regular school for this year to try it out & so far she likes it! People who worry about our social life are stupid! If you go to church they're is a social life! they're are also homeschooling programs & homeschooling sports do your research before you judge it!

Go to www.ClassicalCoversations.com i believe thats the site! Its a GREAT program & i used it till i was 15 & my sister who is 6 goes & really seems to get alot out of it & makes friends all the time!

If you would like to talk to me more about this subject here is my email/addy

[email protected]

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