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I am 16 am a i have been facing so many difficulties in my life ever since i lose my parents.
i was 12 years old when i loose my parent in a car accident.That day i never really know what happen because when i ask my uncles where my parent where they told me they have travel and would come a months time.
I stood waiting for my parent over a year but they never came
Now am leaving with my uncle.He is married to two wives and they don't love me.They starve me from food and refuses me to go to school.All they want is for me to serve their children and after that they beats me and curse me.
I really leave hell.There is no one to care for me and i don't even go to school.
am looking for a family who would be able to provide me love or do in any help.
I am obedient and love school.I am smart and very intelligent.
Now my uncle doesn't more want me in his home he says i should look for my parents who are dead.Am confuse and i don't know where to sleep,
Right now am sleeping in the house of one of my mom friends and she tries her best to give me what i lacka nd also she manage paying my fee
Please nay one willing to help me here is my email address [email protected]
Thanks to you all.
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