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Name: Mamasbump
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Hi there!!

You should come and join this board.. :D

It's filled with lots of things to do, and talk about! From babies, to recipes, to contests, 1st time Mommies, chit chat, trying to conceive/infertility, military wives/mommy support, crunchy/attachment parenting, pregnancy, parenting and MORE!!! You name it, we got it!! Def. something for everyone.. so come on! It's a great place to hang out on the 'net!!

After you register, post your intro in the Introduce Yourself forum and then do your questionnaire in the Newbie's Nook forum (just start a NEW thread, and fill in your answers)! Once you do that.. you will get to see the rest of the forums!!

Hope to see ya there. And be sure to tell all your other Mommy-friends about us (and even non-mommies ;))!!

Let me know if you have ANY questions... :D
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