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My name is Dana and I thought I would just post my thoughts on homeschooling. My parents choose to homeschool me and my two younger siblings which I think set me up for the success I have found as an adult. It can be costly and requires a great deal of time on the teachers part (In my case it was my mother) but it gave me such a sound education and sense of family that I think it was completely worth it.

She ensured that we still socialized with other children and were involved in different organizations (In my case it was gymnastics and 4-H) . We all consistently tested well and I accredit my work ethic and morals to the way I was raised, and the personalized attention I had throughout my education. I am in the Army now and have been for 6 years but I just graduated college with honors.

If anyone has any questions about how my mother did anything, or any homeschooling questions in general I would love to answer them for you. Have a good one!
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Name: melanie | Date: Dec 6th, 2010 9:46 AM
I was considering homeschooling my daughter. She won't do her work unlessthe teacher is right ther, but she a able to do the work and her teacher comments on how nice and detailed her work is... I am not sure if I want to undertake home schooling, but I am also afraid of her falling behind due to being bored.. She isn't a behavoural problem and would just sit quietly and not complain, unfortunatly it seems that those are the kids who struggle most in our school system...

what would you suggest? 

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