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Name: RainbowMom
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Hey,...hope everyone is well. I just want to know how many homeschool moms out there whom are lesbian. I am Lesbian Mom to four wonderful kids and a very great and supportive girlfriend.
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Name: LadybugM | Date: Mar 7th, 2008 1:42 AM
We are a lesbian couple who homeschool our three children. Nice to know we are not all alone out here... 

Name: lindalu | Date: Mar 16th, 2008 11:18 PM
May I ask what being a lesbian has to do with home schooling your children? Don't miss understand I have no problem with lesbians, but I am wondering what ones sexual stature has to do with home schooling. 

Name: fassy | Date: Mar 31st, 2008 5:03 PM
hay how r u 

Name: Doc | Date: Apr 13th, 2008 10:18 PM
"what does being a lesbian have to do with homeschooling" - probably as much as being Christian does. It's just nice to know you're not the "only one out there", especially in a sea of conservatives.


Name: Avalon | Date: Jan 23rd, 2009 4:43 PM
Oh wow, I am not the only one!! 

Name: sexymom5 | Date: Feb 17th, 2009 4:08 PM
I was wondering where everyone is from ? I was married for 21 years and am now in the best relationship of my life with my female partner. Being lesbian has nothing to do with homeschooling other then finding other families like ours to enjoy time with and the kids to share with. Do any of you have trouvle with standard groups? Our kids are 19,15,8, and 5 and 5 ,4 boys and a girl.
Thanks for any help 

Name: Alaska | Date: Mar 21st, 2009 5:55 PM
We, the Mrs. and the Mrs. :) , just moved from the city to a homestead in Alaska. We are worried about getting involved with the local hoemschool groups. They are mostly connected to a church. Its sad when it hurts the kids the most :( 

Name: Alaska | Date: Mar 21st, 2009 6:02 PM
Check out Yahoo Groups- GayHomeschoolers 

Name: Annette | Date: May 22nd, 2009 8:11 PM

The Dekalb Inclusive Home School Play Group is a networking/socialization play group,for home schooled children and their parents.We are comprised of friendly,respectful & caring individuals that are of all different types of:religious beliefs,genders,sexual orientations, and ethic backgrounds.


It was created for families that reside in Dekalb County in the state of Georgia. It is a safe space where children who are home schooled can build friendships and fullfill their need to socialize. It is also an avenue for parents to network with other parents who home school their children as well.


The mission of The Dekalb Inclusive Home School Play Group is to nurture the creation of a safe space where children can play and develop close and meaningful friendships, and their parents can explore and discuss concerns and/or experiences that are unique to those who home school.


At the first meeting of the The Dekalb Inclusive Home School Play Group meeting we will agree on:

A.) The best date and time to meet(i.e. weekly).

B.) Type of activities OF interest and location for play dates ( i.e. individual homes, Monkey Joes, Leaping Lizards...).

C.) Develop schedules and topics for discussion( i.e. challenges unique to home schooled children and for home schooling parents...).

D.) Organize volunteers for child supervision during our networking meeting/play group
If interested in joining email me at [email protected] 

Name: shanika | Date: Mar 11th, 2010 5:09 PM
Looking for other lesbians homeschool moms to be"penpal" or meet up if in upstate ny area. I homeschool a 14 yr old girl and willl homeschool my soon to be 1st grader and 4th grader next year. [email protected] 

Name: MegWood | Date: Sep 29th, 2010 12:49 AM
Hi, I'm not a lesbian, but I could definetly use some info from you gals, I'm askin yall because I can't find another site for help. Will you be willing to help me out??? 

Name: lovebud | Date: Feb 21st, 2011 7:25 PM
frnds here ?? 

Name: jessica | Date: Nov 7th, 2011 3:05 PM

Name: barb | Date: Dec 18th, 2011 5:18 PM
hi everyone 

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