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I don't think homeschooling is the most effective method of education for a child because no parent is an expert in every single subject. If a parent is especially good at math, the child will excel in math, but lack education is all other subjects. In order to obtain proper lessons and instructions in every subject, a child must have a teacher who specializes in each subject.
Also, children who are homeschooled do not get the benefits of having other children their age around them. Sure, homeschooling provides one on one attention and protects children from the "dangers" of the outside world, but it shelters the child too much and does not allow them to interact with more than a few people, making it impossible for the child to have quality social skills, which are vital for getting a job, going to college, making friends, and more, in the future. I find that many children who are homeschooled leave their home with their parents and are unable to make their own choices or lack the speaking abilities necessary for everyday life. A child must be able to speak to people that they are not familiar with.
I don't despise homeschooling, but I do think that public or private schooling are better alternatives because they provide educational and social aspects that homeschooling does not.
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