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Hello - My girlfriend has a 19 year old sister, a wonderful girl who has a memory retention disability and technically the mental age of around 10ish... she is fun, lively, friendly and great to be around however there is one problem that may threaten my relationship with my girlfriend in the future..

Primarily (since she is looking after her sister) - her sister gets very very very jeleous if she feels my girlfriend loves someone more than her and constantly seeks attention and goes through fits of crying if she knows my girlfriend has stayed with me - infact if we were to live with each other it would be difficult to stay in the same bed - this is something we both want and the difficulty of the situation is putting an incredible strain on us..

..any advice on the matter would be greatly appreciated... :)
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Name: michelle | Date: Jan 28th, 2010 3:09 AM
hey wats up just on here to make some girlfriends 

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