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I have a 9 yr. old son who last year was diagnoised w/ ADHD and dyxlesia last year. This has been a constant stuggle from day one of Kindergarten. He has repeated 1st grade and every year as school starts I am having notes sent home that he is having a hard time learning. He was placed in IEP classes last year but isnt in them this year, however the teacher states that an invidual is coming to help in the classroom instead this year. I am feeling very frustrated and its getting very hard to see any light at the end of this tunnel. I feel like I need some advice on ways to help him learn. He is a visual learner I couldnt just tell him what to do. His self esteem is really struggling because of the frustation he encounters with ever day tasks at school and feeling like he cant perform at the levels the others can. He has developed a hate for school and anything to do with it including homework. Can someone give me some advice on things to do every week that will help with learning spelling words and math (subtration & addiction w/ regrouping) and just overall how to give him a better attitude towards school? He is on medication to control the ADHD however its like a double whammy w/ dyxlesia too. I just would like some advice from others who have this struggle too. Thanks to all in advance!
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Name: lu-lu | Date: Sep 2nd, 2010 1:38 AM
You know not all children are super brains and smart. But they do all have talents. If he is a visual learner then you have to go with that. Instead of writing a sum try having visual aids out like ten pencils and take away five pencils. Then ask him how many are there. Also have you tried taping a story using your voice. Get head phones and let your son listen to the recording while looking at the words in the book. Keep it simple. Repaeat - Repeat - Repeat. But know his attention span and stop his work before that time is up. That way you have control.That will make him feel that someone is in charge. Find what your son is good at and push that topic. Praise him. Point out that you may not be good at something and so what, show him something that you are good at. He needs to know that not everyone else knows everything. Best of luck and good wishes. 

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