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Hi my name is Tara. My son Joe will soon be three. He has few words in his vocabulary. Jumping to the point... He has some signs of autism but he also since the time he was very small has had constant ear infections. He recently had tubes in his ears. The doctor had said that Joe was hearing was like being under water. Since the tubes he has had great improvments. He can hear me now. The only thing is is that he doesnt know how to talk and is embarrased to try. And he dosen't understand any comands I give him. I'm not so worried about him being autistic anymore because of his improvements after the tubes. Where do I go from hear? It's 6 months until he can get in with a specialist. Also can any one give me symtoms that they may exsperiancend in there hearing impaired child. Thank you very much. Tara.
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Name: za5ofus | Date: Jul 18th, 2006 7:05 PM
What I'd do is contact early intervention in your area ( your pediatrician could get the agency to contact) and get your child tested. Testing should be free and they can come right to your house or have your child attend a Preschool to help with the problems he has. He is not the only one like this and once you connect with an agency they can give you answers.
My boys got early intervention starting at age 2 and it did wonders for them.
Good luck

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