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Hello, my son is 10 years old and has been diagnosed with a learning disability and broad developmental delays. He struggles in school and struggles socially. Is there anyone out there that has these issues with their child. Any advice would be welcomed..
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Name: lisajinny | Date: Jul 6th, 2011 9:11 AM
hello my son has adhd and learning difficulties to he is nearly 11 and starts comprehensive school in september.he has has a 1 to 1 in school that has worked very well with him.they have done test on his developement and his iq is 5 years 2 months.its very worrying but he is learnin at his best ability.he hasalot of things in place for him in school but everything thats is in place is down to me not the school.i have had to fight for everything he has got.my son has a tension span of 10 mins.his behaviour can get realy bad if his routine is changed in anyway.my son finds it hard to read,write and spell.his learnin is of a much younger age.he tries his best in every way and thats all i could ever ask of him.only now my son is startin to tell the time.he can do his shoe laces up and he gets very frustrated and takes his temper out on anyone around him.my son finds it hard to retain things and u have to go ova things with him quite a few times to refresh his memory. 

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