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Name: ladilopez | Date: May 15th, 2010 2:06 AM
hi sandy my name is shannon, i also cut myself and something most people dont realize is that is a way to control your own pain. you may not realize it but your child is probably hurting from something, i started because i was raped and it was my way to keep it in but release the pain if you understand what i mean. for a long time i hid it to but it got to the point where friends and teachers found out because of gym class or other reasons. i couldnt hide it no more and now i am still trying to hide it. but i know i wanna stop but its very hard. whether you know it or not your daughter is hurting from something be it from home issues school issues or relationship ones something has happened that she is to ashamed to talk to anyone about or just doesnt want to. when i was raped i was ashamed i didnt want anyone to know i felt it was my fault. then it was a bad relationship and i just didnt wanna talk about my family issues. but trust me she is not crazy no matter what others say yes you want to help her but that will take a while depending on how deep she has been drawn in by this. it may take her a long time to talk about things and she may not want to talk to you but let her know you are there. my mom addressd me wrong; she started yelling at me and saying it was done for attention. please dont do that this is not an issue for attention its about pain and making sure she is in control of her own. but don't freak out be calm and take control of your emotions. but do not force her to do anything she doesn't want to because that may only make it worse. 

Name: megan26 | Date: Aug 17th, 2010 3:33 AM
I hate to feel this why so alone! it has been 400 days and just want to give it all up 

Name: lexyy | Date: Nov 14th, 2010 2:29 AM
your doing nothing wrong. Im 15. And i have cut. usually we cut because we think no one cares. or our lives are horrible. And we dont look for the good things in life. We just choose to realize only the bad things. Let us know that nothing is our fault. Let us know your there for us when we need you the most. Cause if we feel like you don't care than we wont stop. and if you try and dicipline us. It wont help. We don't really need counseling. We need our family to be there for us. Sometimes children cut because they want attention. there waiting for someone to realize there hurting and they just want help. they want to break out of the habit. And to be honest. you can tell her that, from my experience, cutting doesnt help. Its only a temporary pain reliever. Like pills. But cutting is horrible. So don't do it. Let her know your there for her. Don't get on her about it. Help her. Talk to her. 

Name: KylieAnn | Date: Jan 19th, 2011 2:39 PM
Hey. I am an ex cutter and i know how she feels. You NEVER want to punish her because there is a possibility she will cutt more because her life is a mess. Try finding out why. I cut because of the pressure on grades and cheerleading. Since I was so happy and bubbly even when I was cutting, no one seemed to notice. You NEED to talk to her. Talking about my cutting to my mom (Seeing as how im only 13) made me feel sick because I wasn't doing it anymore and it pained me. It probable is hurting her to. Try talking and seeing what the problem is. Good luck :) 

Name: TWLOHA16 | Date: Aug 28th, 2011 7:16 AM
To me it sounds like she's doing it because that seems to be the "trend" these day. Since she is going to school and showing everyone. You sound like an awesome mom and it doesn't seem like you are doing anything wrong to make her want to cut herself. I'm 14, and honestly, I cut myself too. But I cut myself deeper than your daughter it seems. Only my best friend, and my boyfriend know that I do this. I don't do it for attention. I hide it with long sleeves and bracelets. I don't like anyone to know that I do this. I think this is just a phase and I think your daughter will grow out of it. I hope she does. You sound like an awesome mom and I hope everything works out for you guys. I'm praying for both you and your daughter. Let her know I said that. I hope I helped. 

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